Protecting our Elderly during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Discussions about the elderly and how we can best protect them has been a central theme throughout the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. As we brace ourselves for another year of living with the virus, we must consider the impact of separation on our elderly loved ones.

For those quarantining or ‘cocooning’ at home this can be an incredibly difficult time where they can experience loneliness, stress, insecurity about their health and other negative psychological effects. Perhaps your loved one's safety and wellbeing is an even greater concern at this time if they are affected by more serious health challenges such as Alzheimers or Dementia. 

With this in mind, what extra supports can we offer our cocooning family members to ensure their health and safety is being taken care of properly?


Embracing technology, the easier way…

Although mobile phones and tablets are essential and have been advised by the government and health authorities as a necessity for the vulnerable, there are certain drawbacks. Mobile devices can be very intimidating for older people to navigate, and the support they offer is entirely dependent on a charged battery, and most importantly reliable network coverage.


The Assist Watch addresses these specific and very real challenges:


It is simple to use:

Has an easy-to-press call button with adjustable press time to avoid accidental pressing.
It has a very long battery life:
Reassuring battery life of up to 2 months and can be charged in one hour without the hassle of plugging in.

Connected to a highly reliable global network:
The Sigfox global 0g network is designed for high reliability and wide indoor and outdoor coverage.

Check your network coverage for the Assist Watch

Other features and benefits include:
Automatic fall detection, position tracking and zoning capabilities, immobility alerts, no installation, 24/7 monitoring, waterproof, privacy configurable and stylish.


    Peace of mind for as little as 55c per day or €16.50 per month

    You can ensure your loved ones are always secure in knowing that family members can be contacted at the touch of a button in the case of an emergency.


    At WH Safety Tech, we are very proud of the service we provide, helping you make sure loved ones are safe and secure in their own homes. If you would like further information on our award winning Assist Watch please feel free to get in touch.

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