Introducing the award winning Assist watch...

Easy setup and management...

Feel secure in your own home...

Providing a direct link to your loved ones

The Assist watch gives your loved ones freedom to live their daily lives and maintain their dignity without the feeling of being micro-managed. Learning new technologies can also be very frustrating for our elderly. The Assist Watch is the perfect solution as it delivers 24/7 access to care in the most simplistic and stylish way.

As a carer, you can discreetly take care of your loved ones at any time and from anywhere...ensuring your peace of mind.

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Protection when working alone...

Protecting your workers anywhere, anytime

The Assist watch is ideal for protecting staff on-site, farmers, security personnel and for health and safety applications. Any place where a person is working alone can be vulnerable or isolated. Employers are now required to protect their employees when working alone so that will receive help as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. 

The Assist watch also reassures self-employed lone workers and their families of their safety 24/7.

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Enhancing the patient & caregiver experience...

Securing residents & easing the workload for staff

Reassure families whilst providing their loved ones with greater independence in a safe and positive environment. Enable your staff to deliver the most connected service of care without residents feeling micromanaged.

The Assist watch is the ideal solution for organisations that require a fast and cost-effective solution for resident awareness.

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