Monthly Rental of the Signal Booster for Assist Watches


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Allows the Sigfox network to be extended in poorly covered areas, particularly within the buildings if network coverage is insufficient.

The Signal Booster amplifies the signal from outside the building. Even a weak outdoor signal can be amplified to enable your watch to function indoors.

Rental Period

  • The Signal Booster is rented to you for a minimum contract of 24 months.
  • Payments are made monthly.


The Signal Booster should be installed indoors and vertically near a window where the network is the best. It can be easily installed in a few minutes.

No power connection is required. The Signal Booster is powered by a non-rechargeable battery, with 5 year life.


  • The Signal Booster must be installed at a location sufficiently ventilated to eliminate any risk of internal heating. It must not covered with objects such as newspapers, curtains, etc.
  • The antenna of the Signal Booster must be unobstructed, and distant from all metals by more than 20 cm.
  • The device must never be exposed to sources of radiation of heat, such as heaters.
  • Do not place the unit near sources of ignition like lit fires or candles.
  • The Signal Booster must not be exposed to agents that are aggressive chemicals or solvents that can alter the plastic or corrode metal elements.

Technical Specifications

Network Range:

  • Indoors: 20 metres
  • Outdoors: 100 metres


185 mm x 50 mm x 27 mm




  • None


  • None ( The Signal Booster is powered by a non-rechargeable battery, with 5 year life)

Operating Temperature:

-20 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celcius

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